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Mobile communications networks play a fundamental role in society and tourism in particular, enabling tourists to access information, services, applications, and content.

Quality of Service from the User’s Perspective corresponds to the perception of quality felt by a user when using the service. Parameters such as coverage, capacity, speed, and latency are fundamental to providing a good experience for tourists.

We have created a tool to assess the quality of communications in the tourism sector in the Azores.

  • Evaluating the quality of user experience
  • IoT Technology availability assessment
  • Evaluation of the quality of service of public networks
  • Comparing coverage between operators
  • Automatic generation of performance indicators

The Hardware

The probes are autonomous units, either on board vehicles or fixed, which integrate a set of communication equipment, collecting and analyzing quality information on mobile networks.

Hardware of probe
Probe Management
Network Management
Test Plan Management
Web App

The Platform

The central platform provides a Web Application where all the probes can be managed remotely, tests configured, results analyzed, and KPIs generated.

The test plans consist of a configuration of actions to be carried out by the probes, encompassing active and passive tests on mobile networks.

  • Fully flexible plans
  • Parallel and sequential actions
  • Configuration of test start and end conditions
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Covers all the tests defined in the standards