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SIGRAIL Monitoring makes it possible to monitor the radio network in real-time, providing independent and powerful KPIs to quickly detect and diagnose quality of service (QoS) problems and validate compliance with EIRENE requirements.

SIGRAIL Monitoring System is composed of on-Board units installed on operational or test trains to run automated active and/or passive GSM-R tests. All collected data is sent and recorded by the central system.

  • Data QoS Measurements in Circuit Switch Mode
  • ERTMS Subset 093/ UIC O2475 Compliant
  • Data QoS Measurements in Packet Switch Mode (GPRS over GSM-R)
  • Intra-System Interference Detection using GSM, UMTS and LTE Scanners
  • Testing for Compliance to EIRENE RF Coverage
  • Troubleshooting and RF Network Quality Assessment