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QoS Monitoring Solution for IP

Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) has awarded SOLVIT as its supplier of railway mobile communications monitoring probes, under the scope of an international tender. SOLVIT team will supply and support the entire solution for monitoring and analyzing the quality of service (QoS) of railway mobile communications networks for the National Railway Network.  

With this contract, SOLVIT is achieving an important milestone within the Critical Communications space, where we aim to be the market leaders supplying QoS probes for railway operators.  With the acquisition of SOLVIT’s SigRail Monitoring product line, IP is consolidating our great partnership, while taking an important step towards innovation and excellence within the infrastructures railway industry.

The solution is composed by a system installed on rolling stock that enables continuous monitoring of the quality of service for GSM-R critical communications network, a fundamental system for supporting the ETCS signaling technology that is expanding on the national network. 

Sonda IP

SigRail Monitoring web application and probe

In addition to GSM-R technology, the system supports simultaneous monitoring of the analog system “Radio Solo-Comboio”, as well as 2G to 5G public cellular technologies, allowing also the ability to carry out spectrum monitoring in the bands assigned to the rail service and adjacent bands.

SigRail Monitoring also incorporates a central platform for managing and analyzing results, already integrating state-of-the-art Machine Learning technologies, enabling an effective response to any problems that may affect railway communications networks and, consequently, the management of railway operations.