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Custodian provides a solution for more Sustainable and Profitable fishing.

To do that we provide a tracking system for both small/open vessels (total length < 12m) and fishing gear. The system reduces the loss of fishing gear – avoiding plastic pollution and ghost fishing – while facilitating the obligatory process of reporting lost gear.

  • Geolocation – Buoys, Vessels and Alarms
  • Comunication – Predefined text messages, pier information receptions and alerts
  • Navigation Assistance​
  • Fishery Metrics​

The Hardware

Vessels and gear are followed through sensors added in vessels and buoys that collect positioning data. One HW base module with three different applications (Firmware):

Sensor to be placed on a boat to track it's location
Low-power, long-range, and low-cost
LoRaWAN Communication
Track bouys through sensors
Data Collection
Navegation Safety
Fishermen’s increased income
Web and Mobile App

The Platform

We provide a tracking system that is usable for small open vessels, allowing monitoring of fishing gear and its retrieval while facilitating the obligatory process of notifying lost gear to the authorities.

The mobile app will be for the everyday use of the fisherman and the web app for the management of assets and data.