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Railway Service

Planning & Design

SOLVIT railway network planning and design service includes the following contents:

  • Electromagnetic background interference analysis along the railway for locating intra and inter-network interference sources and corresponding handling. SIGRAIL Monitoring includes a spectrum analysis module that can detect these interferences easily;
  • Nominal planning including radio coverage estimation on the network using SIGRAIL Planning. Railway-oriented planning methodology, conducing to the reduced number of base stations and handovers;
  • Model tuning based on CW measurements to validate and optimize SIGRAIL Planning computing algorithms used and adapt them to different environments. SIGRAIL Monitoring can be used to acquire these measures;
  • Site and track surveys to confirm real environment conditions;
  • Tunnel coverage solution design, according to EIRENE recommendations and tunnel specificity;
  • Final network planning which contains information about network configuration: site location, antenna types, antenna heights, BTS type, and so forth, on which the rollout of the network will be based.
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