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SIGRAIL Planning uniquely combines technical and functional features oriented towards railway communications planning, providing railway operators with a powerful, scalable, and flexible framework to streamline their network design and optimization processes.

SIGRAIL Planning is a multi-technology and multi-band radio planning system compatible with the most used railway mobile communications technology: TETRA, GSM-R, and, soon, LTE-R.

SIGRAIL Planning System uses machine learning algorithms to calibrate and optimize propagation models based on live-network measurements or CW measurement campaigns. The optimization module, based on genetic algorithms and neural networks, corrects the core propagation models and optimizes them to the reality of the environment.

Web-based application
Rail-oriented interface
Optimized propagation models for the railway environment
Network support Multi-Technology
Planning and Optimization measurement-based

The SIGRAIL Planning System provides a comprehensive and powerful user interface, fulfilling all requirements for planning railway mobile communication networks:

  • EIRENE full compliance configuration and results presentation
  • Introduction of rail-oriented data, such as sites and base stations configuration
  • Scenarios creation based on the railway tracks and the possibility to define geographic information layers with information about railway infrastructure, to increase the productivity of engineering teams
Web App

The Platform

SIGRAIL Planning is a multi-user web-based application, where all planning process runs on a web browser, without desktop application dependencies.  Users can easily access the application from any computer connected to the Internet using a standard browser.  The planning team can use the platform from anywhere, on any device.

The distributed prediction core of the system increases the capacity and reduces the planning time and cost. The capacity of the system can be increased by clustering or running the software on several servers simultaneously.

SIGRAIL Planning interface is based on web maps servers, providing an optimized user experience.