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StructGuard is the complete solution for active slope monitoring, eliminating the need for frequent human intervention, and complex wiring, and simplifying the analysis of continuously collected data, improving the safety and sustainability of these assets.

  • Early detection of movements and deformations that may indicate instability or risk of collapse
  • Assessment of the overall safety of the structure over time
  • Early warnings in the event of extreme events
  • Checking the effectiveness of reinforcement and consolidation measures
  • Reduction of maintenance costs

The Hardware

The sensor is a robust, compact, and low-consumption device with high-precision sensors for measuring parameters such as inclination, vibration, humidity, and temperature. All data acquisition, processing, and transmission are integrated within the sensor, eliminating the need for external units. It can be integrated with a system for below-surface sensing.

Web App

The Platform

The system receives and stores data transmitted via LoRaWAN.
LoRa communication technology allows bi-directional communication between each device and the gateway and subsequent sending via the mobile network.

The platform shows data management, graphics and structural analysis.
Once received from the gateway, the data is forwarded to the central platform, where it can be analyzed.

Sensors constantly monitor any structural changes. They map morphological aspects and kinematic variations and identify the most critical areas.

  • Position
  • Vibration
  • Deformation