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Start of Sea trials

The first sea trials of the system that SOLVIT is developing as part of the Custodian Project took place at the beginning of July.  The tests were a success, not only in terms of validating the coverage but also in terms of the usefulness of the future system, which is proving to be an excellent alternative to conventional systems.  

Buoy at sea
Signal test routes at sea

The aim of these tests, which were carried out in collaboration with an important shipowner from Sesimbra, was to test the level of radio coverage of the technology we will be using in the project, as well as to verify the coverage of buoy -> land and buoy -> boat and boat -> land. 

To do this, devices were installed on a buoy that would be launched around 82km from the coast, off Peniche, as well as on the boat. In addition to these devices, a gateway was installed in the Serra de Sintra, which proved to be fundamental to the success of the tests. The tests will be repeated this week and at the beginning of September in Terceira.