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StructSure is the complete solution for the integrated management of containment works, combining control, mobility, advanced analysis, and risk management to maximize the performance of critical assets.

The application offers a complete overview of assets, with centralized and integrated data for efficient analysis and reporting, resulting in reduced operating costs. In addition, it provides flexibility, security, and reliability, guaranteeing an intuitive interface and a mobile version for a complete experience accessible anywhere.

Registration of administrative, technical and constitution data
InspectionsAssessment of the state of the work and identification of anomalies
MonitoringConstruction site instrumentation for continuous assessment of the state of the work
Risk ManagementAutomatic updating of indicators and risk level of works
AnalyticsDashboards, queries and results extraction
Decision SupportDispatching, scheduling and planning of actions and resources
Workflow ManagementApproval rules and levels of responsibility in processes and reports
ReportsAutomatic generation of technical reports
Web App

The Platform

Inspections are carried out through visual observation of the structures. Their frequency is defined based on the criticality of each project. They feed into the calculation of condition and risk indices and make it possible to identify and correct problems in time before they worsen.

  • Customizable inspection anomalies
  • Possibility of attaching documents
  • Georeferenced photographs
  • Mapping of anomalies
  • Automatic report generation

The Platform

  • Agility
  • Precision
  • Integration
  • Usability
  • Offline
  • Geolocation