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A new sustainable project – Alliance for the Energy Transition

The Alliance for the Energy Transition (ATE) project is an initiative that seeks to promote a profound transformation in the energy sector, focusing on carbon neutrality and the introduction of sustainable mobility solutions. This project aims to develop a structural ecosystem through a multidimensional strategy that includes technological innovation and high TRL maturity. 


ATE involves around 80 co-promoters and 13 strategic partners, including SOLVIT. SOLVIT’s involvement in the project falls specifically under the sub-project Work Package 4.2, Products, Processes or Services (PPS) 18. This sub-project aims to develop a platform for operators and regulators to support decision-making in multimodal transport systems. The platform will integrate information from different types of transport, especially buses and trains, to improve regulation and the optimization of connections. 

To achieve these objectives, passenger flows will be identified based on projections and statistics, using simulations and real data collected by sensors on buses, trains, and intermodal stations. This approach is expected to improve timetables at strategic points in the transportation network.  

As one of the strategic partners in the ATE project, SOLVIT aims to actively contribute to the development of an innovative multimodal transport management platform that supports decarbonization and energetic transition in Portugal.